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Biomimetic science and engineering is a rapidly developing interdisciplinary field that closely relates to biology, chemistry, physics, materials science, mechanical engineering, medicine and other disciplines. The 7th International Conference of Bionic Engineering & the International Youth Conference of Bionic Science and Engineering 2023 (ICBE & IYCBSE 2023) will not only offer a unique platform to exchange information and ideas, and to initiate collaborations between international bionic scholars, but also creates the opportunity to promote the transformation of bionic technologies and to address future challenges for biomimetic science and engineering.

Organized by Wuhan University, Hubei University, and Jilin University, the ICBE & IYCBSE 2023 will be conducted in an online/offline (Wuhan, China) hybrid mode.
关于“第七届国际仿生工程学术会议(ICBE 2023)”举办时间的通知
Statement on the Postponement of the ICBE 2022
Key Dates
Deadline for abstract and full paper submission: July 20, 2023
Deadline for online registration: September 15, 2023
Conference date:
October 12-15, 2023
Conference Topics

The theme of ICBE & IYCBSE 2023 is “human, nature, harmony”, including but not limited to the following topics:

  • Biological systems & biodiversity
  • Bioinspired functional structures and surfaces
  • Biomaterials and bioinspired materials
  • Bionic machinery
  • Biomechanics and rehabilitation engineering
  • Biosensors and signal processing
  • Robotics, motion systems and artificial intelligence
  • Nature inspired energy system
  • Biofabrication and bioinspired manufacturing
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly novel technologies
  • Industrial applications of bionics
  • Other fields related with bionics


 Yifeng Lei,yifenglei@whu.edu.cn 
 Tel: 15527563682
 Email: icbe2022@whu.edu.cn
 Address: Wuhan University, South Donghu Road 8, Wuhan, Hubei